CARE-O-SENE portrayed in the German Federal Report on Energy Research 2023

At the beginning of June, the 7th Federal Report for Energy Research 2023 was ratified by the Cabinet. The 110-page publication presents the funding policy and progress of the energy research programme. Under the guiding idea "Innovations for the energy transition", various federal ministries are participating in the programme with the aim to secure innovative, climate-friendly and highly efficient energy technologies.

In 2022, the German government supported several thousand research, development and demonstration projects and invested around 1.5 billion euros. CARE-O-SENE is one of the funded projects. Furthermore, our German-South African development project on the new catalysts in the Fischer-Tropsch process is portrayed in the report under the heading of international cooperation. We as a consortium are convinced that every idea is only as good as the team behind it - and that innovation does not stop at national borders. We are more than grateful that the potential of our research idea is not only recognised but also funded.

You can read the entire report here – you will find the portrait of CARE-O-SENE on page 93.

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