Milestone for CARE-O-SENE: First catalyst produced on semi-commercial scale

It is an important milestone for the CARE-O-SENE programme: the team of the German-South African research programme has succeeded in producing the new catalyst on a semi-commercial scale in the facilities of Sasol in South Africa. So far, these had only been produced and tested on a small scale in the laboratory and in pilot plants.

The catalyst is now being tested in the world's largest demonstration plant at Sasol in South Africa. This first endurance test presents it with completely new challenges and provides insights into the performance of the so-called "Catalyst One". And the research team is optimistic: the catalyst is very robust and has perfect prerequisites for the Fischer-Tropsch process. This includes, for example, high mechanical stability, the ability to achieve a high conversion rate or the possibility to produce the planned products with the desired quality.

Thus, the results of the upcoming test are not only a major milestone for the CARE-O-SENE team, but also an important step towards achieving the project goals: producing sustainable aviation fuels with high yields on an industrial scale – and transform industries such as aviation in a sustainable way.

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