CARE-O-SENE at the 13th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium in China

CARE-O-SENE in China: At the end of April, CARE-O-SENE members attended the 13th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium (NGCS13) in Xiamen, China along with 800 other scientists. Under the theme "Towards Carbon Neutrality", the symposium shared insights on science, materials and technology related to natural gas, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, in line with advanced catalyst preparation, characterisation, modelling, data analysis approaches and industrial applications in over 180 talks.

Cherie Hsu presented "Preparation of model catalyst systems to optimise sustainable aviation fuel production via Fischer-Tropsch" and won the "Best Oral Presentation Award" among 10 presenters – congratulations!

Dr Dan Zhao presented "Tracking the metal-support interaction of size-selected Co3O4 nanoparticles as model catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis by in-situ XAS".

CARE-O-SENE's Denzil Moodley is part of the Board of the Natural Gas Conversion Symposium and Michael Claeys has been re-elected as Secretary of the Natural Gas Conversion Board.

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