CARE-O-SENE’s Mentoring Program takes flight

A multinational team of mentors and young talents sets out to embark on a journey of professional and personal growth.

The CARE-O-SENE team, by its very essence, is a multinational team of experts, working together on the development of new and more efficient catalysts for sustainable aviation fuels. In a strategic partnership between Germany and South Africa, CARE-O-SENE unites enterprises, research institutes as well as academic actors from both countries. The new mentoring program has the goal to strengthen this interaction.

As such a collaborative endeavor, the mentorship program is a natural extension of this partnership, and the accomplished teams eagerly embrace the mentoring of diverse young talents and look forward to getting to know their fresh perspectives. In 12 one-on-one mentoring pairs and with a mentoring circle headed by an accomplished research & technology manager at Sasol Limited, an exchange of knowledge, expertise and diverse perspectives is fostered. This cross-generational initiative is a vital approach in motivating and empowering aspiring individuals in the chemical industry and research sector.

Fueling ambitions

First introduced in July 2023, industrial and academic experts such as engineers, laboratory assistants, senior scientists and Ph.D. students were encouraged to participate in the mentoring program. It aims to offer mentees compelling learning opportunities and support from experienced individuals from Sasol Limited, Sasol Germany GmbH, KIT, HZB, UCT and IKTS.

Mentors and mentees were matched according to their shared interests. They were able to choose between one-or-one mentoring, a mentoring circle and a combination of both. Due to this matching process, every participant was able to find the option that enhances their potential and aligns with their interaction preferences.

An alliance for the future

As a powerful leadership development tool, mentorship programs provide a mutually beneficial frame to exchange knowledge while also fostering trusted interpersonal relationships between mentors and mentees. Young talents thus receive guidance and support on their further career path.

CARE-O-SENE’s Mentoring Program first started with a virtual kick-off between mentors and mentees in the second half of 2023, where they set a mentorship agreement including expectations, scope and meeting cadence to ensure a successful collaboration. The mentoring relationships are expected to run for the beginning for one year. A face-to-face meet up is scheduled in spring 2024 in South Africa. An overview of the CARE-O-SENE project team members can be found here:

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