Dr.-Ing. Gregor Herz

Dr.-Ing. Gregor Herz heads the Modeling and Simulation group at Fraunhofer IKTS, which he took over after completing his dissertation in the group Process Systems Engineering. While his diploma thesis at TU Dresden and Fraunhofer IKTS focused on the simulation of electrolysis-based Fischer-Tropsch processes, in his dissertation his field of activity has expanded to techno-economic analyses on the utilization of hydrogen in large-scale industrial processes.

In the CARE-O-SENE project, he will be responsible for modeling the process chain from electrolysis over Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to product separation and upgrading. The main focus will be on the impact of new catalyst generations developed within the CARE-O-SENE project on the efficiency of the complete process chain and the resulting product spectrum.


Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS)


Group leader Modeling and Simulation group

"Sasol has a more than 70 years experience in Fischer-Tropsch catalysts and technology. Its time to take the next step to lead the industry into a sustainable and carbon free future with the help of our passion."
Dr Dirk Schär
Cohead Catalyst Development